Evolving Enterprise Communications for Today’s Millennial Mindset

August 3, 2016 | Articles, Employee Advocacy, News

According to Hinge Marketing, 31% of all high-growth firms now have a formal employee advocacy program in place. This is great, as the market saw interest in employee advocacy grow 191% since 2013, according to Altimeter Group. Enterprises use employee advocacy programs for different reasons. Some of the most common include: Increase in brand awareness Enabling sales teams for social…

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What’s the Future of Content Marketing?

July 25, 2016 | News, Resources, Webinars

Enterprises have realized that great content is no longer optional for a successful marketing strategy. In fact, some enterprise companies (like Marriott) have taken this to a new level by creating in-house news and content studios. And according to research by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 76% of marketers surveyed said they planned to produce more content in 2016, in…

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Social Selling 101: How to Incorporate Social into Your Sales Strategy

July 19, 2016 | News, Social Selling

As an Account Executive at PostBeyond, an entrepreneur, and an experienced fundraiser, leveraging social media outside of personal use has always come naturally to me. I’m always the first to share exciting news about my work on my own social channels, so I’m surprised when I hear fellow sales professionals are not incorporating social selling into their sales strategy. It’s…

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10 Steps to Content Marketing ROI with Michael Brenner [Webinar]

July 15, 2016 | Content Marketing, News, Social Business, Webinars

Content marketing, like social media marketing, has reached a point of maturity. The good ol’ days of being one of the only brands making waves in online publishing are long, long gone. Now it seems that every brand manages a blog, publishes eBooks, creates infographics, produces videos…yeah, it’s a LOT of content. And for many content creators, we still look…

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PostBeyond Raises $4M in Series A Funding

July 14, 2016 | News, Product Updates, Success Stories

The PostBeyond office has been abuzz with excitement lately. We’re welcoming several new faces to our growing team, and our product is continuing to adapt to customer needs every day. On top of that, we’ve hit an incredibly significant milestone. We are pleased to announce that we’ve raised $4M in Series A funding, led by venture capital firm Information Venture Partners…

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