Why Your Employees Don’t Care About Employee Advocacy

Lauren Durfy

Employee advocacy is one of the most effective types of marketing out there, but how do you get people involved? To activate employees, you need to approach from their point of view. Two of the questions employees ask most often is “why should I do this?” and “What’s in it for me?”

These are completely understandable questions for employees to ask. After all, if they’re going to put their time and effort into marketing your brand, they need something in return.

With this in mind, you can’t just expect them to automatically see the value in employee marketing programs and hop onboard. After all, good employees are focused on doing their job to make the company successful and may see social media as a distraction.

So, how do you promote involvement? The answer is simple – you’ve got to step into their shoes and create an approach that makes it possible for them to see the value of employee advocacy strategies.

Getting Employees Involved

So you want to get employees involved in your advocacy program? Great! The key, then, is to showcase why it is important and how it will ultimately help them in their role at your organization. When employees understand the value of employee advocacy programs they’re much more likely to participate.

What’s in it For them? The Perks of Employee Advocacy For Employees’ Personal Brands

What is in it for your employees? What can they get out of the process that they wouldn’t see otherwise? The answer is simple: a lot. Here are a few things employees can gain by participating in employee advocacy:

1. Build A Personal Following

Employee advocacy allows employees to build a personal social media following quicker and easier. Their affiliation with your brand provides the leg-up, and the content you’re helping them share decreases some of the work associated with becoming a social influencer via the traditional path. This is a major perk for anyone who has been wanting to build a bigger network but wasn’t sure where to start.

2. Brand & Thought Leadership

Another great aspect of employee advocacy for your workforce is that it places them in a position to take advantage of the brand and thought leadership. If the employees participating in your advocacy program are dedicated to working in the industry your company specializes in, engaging with your brand’s content will allow them to carve out a niche, in said industry, and present themselves as thought leaders. This is a major boost and can work wonders to create a true foothold for employees.

3. Expanded Networks

Employee advocacy allows participating employees to post engaging content and organically expand their reach and network. This presents more access to everything from job positions to professional recommendations and creates a boost when it comes to building a career and gaining prominence within an industry.

4. More Transparency in the Market

One massive benefit of employee advocacy is that it allows for increased transparency within organizations. Today, customers trust recommendations from employees more than those from CEOs or business owners, or from branded ads issued by the company directly.

In this way, employee advocacy creates a highly transparent process that benefits both customers and the company itself. When customers can see that employees are willing to advocate for a company under their names, it improves their trust in the organization and promotes long-term support.

5. Increased Ownership

In a traditional environment, there’s a definite divide between executives and employees. While they conduct all the day-to-day processes that keep a company running, they’re not typically that involved in its more refined operations and efforts. Employee advocacy, however, flips that script and ensures that workers have a sense of ownership in the companies they work with by providing them with more insight into what is happening within the organizations and its global departments.

When employees get to advocate for a brand, they’re better prepared to participate in all aspects of the company’s growth and development and may be more engaged, harder-working, and more focused.

Additional Options to Drive Employee Engagement?

Looking for some extra tips on how to encourage employee participation in your advocacy program? Additional incentives for participation include awards, freebies, promotional items, and in-office incentives, like catered lunches and wellness days.

When you take an employee-centric view and showcase all the benefits of employee advocacy you will find that employees generally want to participate. When you create a program that makes the benefits obvious to them it will become much easier to ensure ongoing advocacy and promotion of your brand.

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